The Weekly Face Puncher: Art School Fags Forfeit, Amazing Defensive Exhibition By The Face Puncher Organization

Monday, June 26, 2006

Art School Fags Forfeit, Amazing Defensive Exhibition By The Face Puncher Organization

On 3rd and 1, a batted pass by Avid Face Puncher Los Morin was intercepted by David "Magnum PI" de Chantal, only to be recovered after a fatal error, by none other than Los "Pepperoni Tits" Morin himself. It was the first double-interception to be recorded in Face Puncher History. After a tape review the play stood and this is what Los Morin had to say to Ramon the on-field official, "The ball just re-appeared and I fell in love with it, I mean, you have to love the game, the ball, the girls ,and the boys to be out here and be this good".

While Los and McFadden led there team to 2 well earned victories, there was a mental breakdown. David "Magnum PI" de Chantal after being corrected of a bad call on his part proceeded to taunt and get into the head of Los "Pepperoni Tits " Morin. This lead to leg cramps,uncontrolled on-field pooping, and menstruation. Ramon (Face Puncher Official) consulted Stephanie (FacePuncher On-Site Medic) about Los's condition and cleared him to continue playing after coach Nash gave him some Gatorade. Elder Natareno, who by the way, caught a TD on this fine day had this to say, " The on field pooping scared me, the smell made me run faster".

All in all the two MVP's of the game are also 2 new additions, Adam "I'm Small" McBride and Ted "My Shirt is Gone" (he preferred to leave out his last name due to allegations of a criminal history). They did a hell of a job and did not cry once. The amount of homo-erotisim between the team today was uncanny and coincided perfectly with this weekends festivities here in Face Puncher Capitol, San Francisco. Good game Faggots!


Blogger Rain said...

OMG your legs are so white I was blinded while trying to read your blog. How abou t playing in the sun my pasty white thighed hermano? though you are sill mesmerzing going this way and then that way. Are all these people photoshopped in so it looks like you play with other?
&hearts rain

10:12 AM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger Maurice said...

Hey Dong where are you I miss you hot pants

4:07 AM, July 17, 2006  

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