The Weekly Face Puncher: Exhibitionism at Exhibition Game

Monday, June 12, 2006

Exhibitionism at Exhibition Game

This last Sunday, the Face Punchers turned what was going to be a rematch-to-end-all-rematches into a practice/exhibition game. Little did Face Punchers know at the time, but this was to be taken literally by a team member.

Left Slouchback Aaron Brodeur (2 completions, 2 scores), in an attempt to get Dirty David De Chantal (Number 75)'s girl to play, exposed his throbbing member to onlookers. After being chastised by Coach Nash, Brodeur claimed ignorance, stating in an interview, "... I thought I was wearing my lucky jockstrap -- I had completely forgotten that I was wearing my laundry underwear." Laundry underwear are common amongst the new sport's thriving subset, and are usually reserved only for days when laundry is done. However, in a drunken and high stupor, Brodeur had put them on earlier that morning before attending religious services near the Castro.

Later in the day, Brodeur confessed that he had inherited the underwear from his father when he was 16.

After the initial shock, Dirty De's girl came onto the field to bring her team to victory, scoring twice for a finishing score of 5-3.


Blogger McFadden said...

We may have to create a new rule about this sort of thing...

Always keep the shuttle in the hangar.

3:20 PM, June 14, 2006  

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