The Weekly Face Puncher: Psychics weigh in on this Sunday's Super Beach

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Psychics weigh in on this Sunday's Super Beach

In the late edition of today's SF Chronicle world renowned psychics give their predictions for this Sunday's much anticipated game.
-Miss Cleo from those info-mercials (famous for her "call me now") predicted that she dun know bout de game but she's sure that self proclaimed star Morin will buckle under de pressure. Seen!
-Reverend Jesse James prophecized that his brothers in arms Anothony non-athletic Green and Josh (can't think of a clever name) will fall victim to the supression of the white man McBride and Dechantel. Hallelujah!
-In a unexpected turn of events Rasta man made a statement and it turns out that he wasn't actually jibber jabbing he was spreading the word of the lord. He's been quoted as Morin who if he doesnt produce, all the blame will be on him because he picked a shitty team. Will be sobbing from all the bombardment of the Reds D. and he may consider going back to baseball.
-And in the factor to end all arguements those pencil pushers and MIT geeks of Vegas have put out the spread and it shows the Red team ahead by a smooth 5 points. So place your bets ladies and gents.

With these results in it's inconclusive that the Red team will win.
This is Dan Rather's signing off for ABC news


Anonymous jesus... said...

this is all too metaphysical for me.

1:29 AM, November 11, 2006  

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