The Weekly Face Puncher: Recently Drafted Face Punchers

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Recently Drafted Face Punchers

My fellow Face Punchers:
I would like to announce the induction of our new Face Punchers to be announced and inducted on this announced induction day of May 25, 2006.
We welcome the following announced inductees:

Rich Kahle - Rich comes to us from Souther California. He has a B.F.A. in Bell hopping and a M.F.A. in Colored Chicks. He enjoys talking about nonsense and engaging us in his annoying heckle of a laugh. Welcome to The face Punchers, Rich.

Justin Schmidt - Justin comes to us from somewhere, but who really cares. He has started his career with Clift just recently and has enjoyed standing, pacing and waiting. His Napolean attitude will be a much needed attribute to the Face Punchers.
Welcome, Justin.

Elder Natareno - Elder comes to us from L.A. As a product of East L.A. Gangs, Elder is sure to become a force to be reckon with. Elder enjoys beatings from his girlfriend, braces and forgetting his pants once his shift begins. Lets all welcome Elder to The Face Punchers.
Welcome, Elder.

Adam McBride - Adam, who stands 6'5" on his back, comes to us from Sideburns,U.S.A He enjoys sideburns, Russians and sex on the first date. Adam is an ex-rugby player who retired from the sport only recently to try his hand in security. Lets all welcome Adam to The Face Punchers.
Welcom, Adam.

Gentlemen, let's hear it for our new additions to The Face Punchers.


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