The Weekly Face Puncher: The Original 2006 Face Punchers Bio

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Original 2006 Face Punchers Bio

Carlos Morin
The founder and inventor of Sunday football . Morin, a native of Texas who is Mexican-American but looks Middle-Eastern and acts Caucasian, is currently a struggling mens designer trying to make it big. He enjoys sleeping at work, Dan Lewis and quick tempers. His man-titties, not to be confused for pectorals, are sure to one day have their own zip-code.
Jim Mcfadden
The co-founder of Sunday Football. McFadden is an artists of many talents to include acting, directing, songwriting but more than anything else, leaving work early. His sweet and sultry voice is a mainstay at open mikes around the city. He also enjoys latin chicks, white girls and black booty ho's. McFadden is to be credited with the phrase "coo".
Taylor Haisch
Taylor, although rather clumsy at times, is a vigilante on the field. He stands 6'5" and with an armspan of 9 ft", he is dangerous to all Q.B.'s. Taylor enjoys titty bars, fighting with his ol' lady about why he enjoys titty bars and last but not least, returning back to the titty bars.
Aaron Keene
Aaron comes to us from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where he was a premier snowboarder. A wanna-be film director, Aaron enjoys sex in Limos, sex in public bathrooms and sex while working.
Andrew Stych
Andrew, the only Canadian and another original Face Puncher, is a rather quiet one. He enjoys feminine facial products, staying faithful to his ladyfriend and most of all, staring off into the distance.
David De Chantal
David, an avid Face Puncher, is a force to be reckoned with. His balls-to-the-wall attitude is sure to attract the attention of future beach football scouts. He enjoys working graveyard, bums that dig through the trash and teaching hobos a "lesson".
Peter Counts
Peter, another struggling artist, is all the way from Seattle Washington. He enjoys Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Hemlock and Pabst inside the Hemlock. Peter is a new addition to the Face Punchers so his skills are literally unheard of, but with a 5'4", 115 lb. frame, Peter is sure to start at every position.
Mark Brown
Mark comes to the Face Punchers from somewhere in Russia. He enjoys getting robbed of $300 dollars at massage parlors, his homosexual boss and rolling his bike. Mark is known for his speed on the field as well as hurting himself.
Aaron Brodeur
Aaron, a graphic designer, is another vigilante on the sand. He enjoys reading, writing and drawing and now that I think about it, probably should not be playing for the Face Punchers.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
These are your 2006 Hometown Face Punchers.


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