The Weekly Face Puncher: Morin in trouble with league officials...again

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Morin in trouble with league officials...again

In the wake of Monday's action, league officials have stated that they are looking into a possible violation of league rules by founder Carlos Morin. It appears that Morin may have inadvertently broken his own rule regarding the strict banning of half-shirts during league play. During a hotly contested series, a Grand Bitches blitzer grabbed Carlos around the mid-section, tearing his regulation " T-shirt" into what on-lookers described as " much too revealing".

A league spokesman stated that, "although we are aware the initial tearing of the shirt was unintentional, we are concerned that, after the play, Morin appeared to flout league rules by continuing the contest in what had been rendered an illegal uniform." He further went on to say that an investigation will be conducted, and the proper fines levied against Morin if the league deems it appropriate.

Further complicating the issue are allegations by Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams that Morin may have been using illegal equipment in the form of a pre-ripped T-shirt supplied by Morin's trainer, Hulk Hogan. The reporters stated that their book on the subject, "Carlos Morin: The Recently Told Story" will be out next month. Morin vehemently denied recieivng any such equipment from Hogan, stating that the extent of Hogan's training involved body oiling and of course Hogan's trademark "leg drop". When asked about the scandal, Morin issued this public statement "Go fuck yourselves."

The league is expected to rule on the matter by the end of the week.


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