The Weekly Face Puncher: "Ol' Nipple Rings" Caught with Founders Girlfriend

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Ol' Nipple Rings" Caught with Founders Girlfriend

Jim McFadden, starting cornerback for the San Francisco Face Punchers, has been caught with Face Punchers founder Carlos Morin's girlfriend. The lovebirds were seen departing a local pub in the SOMA district and by the looks of this photo, seemed very happy.
McFadden, who lives just around the corner from the pub, had his arm around Morin's ladyfriend while she did the same. The woman, a Ms. Jessica Randall, was smiling and seemed very excited to be with the former Heisman trophy winner, exclaimed neighbors who spotted the two-some. They also stated that the two were headed for McFaddens mansion that was located just around the corner.

"I heard them all night", replied one neighbor.
Another neighbor who requested his name not be mentioned stated that the two were fornicating until all hours of the night, stopping only once, for what he believed to be a Gatorade break. A headband was found outside his door.

When the Chronicle broke the news to Morin, he said, "It must have been the nipple rings, he gets 'em with those nipple rings every time...........but I never thought it would be my sweet Jessica............that bitch!!"
When asked what he planned to do, he replied, "get nipple rings, of course!".

The Chronicle caught up with McFadden later during the day outside his gym. "It wasn't what it sounded like...we stayed up talking all night about my nipple rings, biceps and creatine...I swear!". When confronted with the pictures, McFadden turned and ran all while screaming, "I love my nipple rings!!!!!!"

Jessica Randall, the recent Miss Tenderloin 2006, could not be reached. It appears, she has not been found.
Foul play has been suspected.


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