The Weekly Face Puncher: Face Punchers Earn Their 11th...Head to Super Beach

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Face Punchers Earn Their 11th...Head to Super Beach

With Adam McBride at the helm, the Face Punchers won their 11th straight game this past Sunday, making them a favorite to win the coveted Super Beach. McBride was a double threat on offense while rushing for 300 yards and passing for another 200 for a total of 500 total yards...i think.

This weeks most valuable player? Carlos Morin. Morin, who completed one pass and made zero receptions was hands-down the most valuable of them all.
"It's not whether you threw for several hundred yards and run for even's how you play the game that counts the most. For example, I had a great attitude out there. I patted the guys on the ass, said 'way to go' a few times. I even checked out McBrides girl a few times...made her feel pretty and everything. Shit, I'm sure it's not everyday she gets checked out", stated Morin.

"What a load of crap!", said McBride, shortly after finding out that he wasn't voted MVP. "That guy (Morin) is a piece of shit! Just because he's a good looking guy, is Latin and great with the ladies doesn't make him best man on the sand."

League officials were scrutinized this week over the decision to make Morin the MVP based solely on his "good attitude" and Latino-charming ways but when officials were asked to double-check the league manual, it stated there in brown and white,
section 2122, article 1: "any player with a great personality, says "way to go" to others, and hits on other females beside his own for the sole purpose of making them feel good about themselves will be deemed MVP"

The Face Punchers Manual, which coincidentally was written by Morin, will be reviewed by League Officials Raul and Lupe Morin, Carlos's parents. The chances of any changes coming from this are next to impossible.

Mr. MVP and the rest of the Face Punchers will be on the sand once again this Sunday at 2:00 for their last and final game...the Super Beach.

Face Punchers notes:
Due to vaginal problems, Adam McBride and Brian McKelvey are not expected to show to this Sundays game. Both players will not be missed.


Anonymous Vince Young said...


5:59 PM, November 04, 2006  
Blogger TeddyTwoNames said...

i demand a recount on the mvp vote. i think morin smuggles in all his cousins from tijuana or something to fuck up the count. i smell bullshit.

oh and by the way, team black is gonna spank team red. i think the final score is gonna look something like 7 million to four. believe it.
t. twonames

11:31 PM, November 04, 2006  
Anonymous mckelveys mom said...

my son sucks, therefore i think morin will get mvp on the 12th.
go get 'em los.

and don't forget the cherry pie i baked for you.

12:20 PM, November 05, 2006  

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