The Weekly Face Puncher: Face Punchers Defeat Themselves...McFadden Still has Nipple Rings

Monday, July 17, 2006

Face Punchers Defeat Themselves...McFadden Still has Nipple Rings

The first place Face Punchers have done it once again. The organization, who blames their success on beer, drugs and casual sex with co-workers, were victorious in yesterdays romp over themselves.
The day started off somewhat slow with only few key members arriving on time, but once the evening wore on, more arrived.
The team cheerleaders, The Bitches, led by head cheerleader Siobhan, were in true form last night and cheered their Punchers to a win to keep their their record at 4-0. (On a sidenote, Siobhan was also excellent in displaying the "splits", producing several high school rings).

Jim McFadden and Carlos Morin were the this weeks M.V.P, while leading their respective teams at quarterback as well as Teddy Two-Names and Mark Brown, who displayed spectacular skills and rushing to a team record. On defense, a new player named Colby Pritchard was all over the sand keeping all receivers at bay as did Mr. Clumsy himself, Taylor Haisch.
As usual, Aaron Brodeur was bad, very, very bad.
He did, however, wear a tight pink shirt.

The Face Punchers, back from a long break, are preparing for the homecoming game game scheduled for late October.


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