The Weekly Face Puncher: Bitch Leagues Update...Brodeur May Have Company

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bitch Leagues Update...Brodeur May Have Company

In addition to founder Carlos Morin, Aaron Brodeur was also missing from Sunday's action. Having been demoted to the Bitch Leagues by Coach Nash, Aaron participated in his first contest there, playing a key part in a victory against The Jehovah's Witnesses. In comments made after the game, Brodeur stated "They were a persistent team and refused to give up, but in the end we prevailed." Brodeur, hoping to regain his spot on the roster, played hard and might get his chance soon due to the possible demotion of two existing team members as a result of Sunday's game. Coach Nash describes Punchers Aaron "I might get fired" Keene, and Rich "despite the advice of friends and co-workers and several homeless people I'm keeping my hair the way it is" Kahle as "on the bubble" in regards to their roster status.

This of course, is in reponse the both players' lack of effort in Sunday's game. Kahle and Keene, both citing "being tired" as an excuse, left at half-time not to return for the remainder of the game. As a precautionary measure, Nash had the duo examined by Head Trainer Stephanie Hart, who cleared them for action, telling reporters "they suffer from being lazy, but that's about it." In addition to this, Keene was also described as "a little grabby", and Kahle seemed to be suffering under the delusion that he would be "leading the revolution."

Although currently still on the roster, both members of the squad must have a strong showing in the Facepunchers next contest to retain their spots.


Blogger Coach Nash said...

Those lazy pendejos are headed for the bitch leagues! Shit I'm outta vodka. I'll send those bastards to the store, holmes!

3:50 PM, August 03, 2006  

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