The Weekly Face Puncher: Q and A with Hometown Hottie of the Week: Tara D.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Q and A with Hometown Hottie of the Week: Tara D.

This week the San Francisco Chronicle would like to bring you Tara D. Tara was hand selected by the Face Punchers themselves because of her good looks, vibrant personality and to be perfectly honest, the fact that she'll show her tits, anywhere at anytime. For that Tara, we thank you.
We asked Tara ten questions from our 10-question format and here are her answers.

SFC: Are your tits real or fake?

TD: They're real, of course. You've seen them haven't you?

SFC: Are you shaved or unshaved?

TD: Unshaved. Some people think I have Buckweet in a scissor hold.

SFC: Do you spit or swallow?

TD: I enjoy it on my tits and rubbed all over my face.

SFC: Do you prefer the top or bottom?

TD: The bottom, of course. And the top, upside-down, inside-out and sideways. Just as long as I get laid.

SFC: Would you rather be with Bert or Ernie?

TD: Definitely Bert.

SFC: Of the many man couples on the Face Punchers, who would you rather have, Brodeur or De Chantal?

TD: Probably De Chantal, cause he could provide me mouth to mouth.

SFC: Do you prefer your men tall or short?

TD: Since we're all the same height in bed, it doesn't really matter.

SFC: If you could pick one of the Face Punchers girlfriends for girl on girl action, who would it be?

TD: Definitely Raya. She is so hot. I love the way she complains all the time and her ass shakes like two puppies wrestling under a blanket.

SFC: Do you prefer your men hung like a horse or mini like McFadden?

TD: That's a tough question, cause the last time a had a horse, spooning was nearly impossible.

And that was 10 questions with Tara D.
Check back next week when McBrides girlfriend is picked on purpose. God help us all.


Blogger McFadden said...

You take that shit back. I have a majestic dong. Just ask Jessica. Oh, wait--we were just talking all night, I forgot.

3:05 PM, August 05, 2006  
Blogger Coach Nash said...

This puta is hot! Do you think she would marry me to get me a green card? Then I wouldn't have to sleep in a boat over international waters no more.

3:08 PM, August 05, 2006  

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