The Weekly Face Puncher: Celebrity Appearance at Face Punchers Game

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Celebrity Appearance at Face Punchers Game

Aaron Keene, Kite Dancer, made an appearance this past Sunday at the Face Punchers football game. Keene, whose current kite show, "Higher Than A Kite", is in the running to be a performer at the halftime show of the Super Beach. Keene, who is a regular in Vegas auditoriums and is on tour with his show, was making his way through California when he decided to "drop in for a game".

The Face Punchers were thrilled to see Keene and get a glimpse of what his show is all about. Morin, founder of the Face Punchers, was quoted as saying, "He is an incredible entertainer and to have him here with us is a real treat", Morin continued, "I grew up watching him as a little boy and I hope to one day introduce the pure joy of watching him, to my kids".

Keene, who is just coming off a successful tour called, "Higher Than Giraffe Pussy", signed autographs and discussed the trials and tribulations of performing with kites.

Mr. Keene warns children that, while frolicking with kites, safety equipment is always required. He also went on to warn children of the danger of using drugs and if not used properly, could ruin your life.

Look for Aaron Keene, as he prances with his kites, at this years Super Beach.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive seen him perform and he is one amazing entertainer. i already have tickets for the super beach and i cant wait to see him.

3:47 PM, September 07, 2006  

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